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Client Experiences

We hired Nick and Cory to build our new home in the spring of 2015. Nick, Cory and the whole Craftsman Construction team we very professional, transparent and accommodating throughout the entire project. We were extremely happy with the finished product and would highly recommend their expertise to anyone.

We absolutely love our new home built by Craftsman Construction. From conception to completion, we enjoyed working with Cory and his team of professional tradesman. They were all very knowledgeable, friendly and each took a high level of pride in their work. The layout ensured we captured the views of our bayside location while incorporating all of our desired features. Their finishes and material selection recommendations resulted in not only a beautiful home but a very energy efficient home as well. The quality of their work and attention to detail was exceptional. As promised, we were able to share and enjoy our new home with family and friends this summer. Not only would we recommend them without hesitation, we plan on using them again on a future home project.

I would not hesitate to recommend Craftsman Construction as your home builder. They are professional, courteous ,skilled and so much more. The quality of craftsmanship in their build is excellent. They build your home as much for you as for themselves; in that they base their reputation on the outcome and they want to deliver the very best.

Craftsman Construction recently built our dream home and we love it! We were continually impressed throughout the entire project by Nick Jay and his team. The quality of work is second to none and Nick's particular attention to client satisfaction was remarkable. Nick showed great pride in the work and always ensured that every detail was attended to. He was always just a phone call, email, or text message away! Nick was so much more than a contractor. Throughout the entire project, he was always willing to offer advice and troubleshoot even the smallest of details and helped us to make choices whenever we struggled. That is perhaps the thing that stands out the most - exceptional service! Nick's employees are impressive as well. They were hard working, dedicated, friendly, and always helpful. Craftsman Construction is truly a professional team and we would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of building a new home.

Craftsman Construction are by far the best builders on PEI. They are very hands on, pay close attention to detail, and their finish work is second to none.​

If you are even thinking of building a high end house, Nick and Cory are the only people you should even consider for the job.


In our humble opinions, my wife and I believe that Craftsman Construction led by brothers Nick and Cory Jay are probably the best builders in eastern Canada and certainly the best in Prince Edward Island.
They provide the highest value at the fairest prices, work with a dedicated, loyal, highly talented, and creative team of framers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and assorted sub trades. The brothers Jay are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative products that make the building process easier and result in a "tighter" superior home. From their insulated concrete foundations to the chimney cap, they pay extremely close attention to detail, solve problems with enthusiasm and great creativity, have boundless energy and listen painstakingly to their customers.
Their commitment to high quality standards is genuine and unflinching.
Although young in years, Nick and Cory are long on experience and are true students of the building/construction process and it is evident on every level. Suppliers from all corners are unanimous in their praise for Craftsman Construction. When issues arise (and they inevitably do in the house building process) Craftsman move very quickly to resolve the issue to their client's 100% satisfaction. If you are looking for a custom built home that "will see you out" as they say in these parts, contact Nick Jay. You will be pleased you did and will most assuredly love the end result.

Craftsman Construction were hired as general contractors to build our retirement home in May, 2014. We could not be more pleased with the 5 month process and the resulting beautiful home we now enjoy.. The owners, Nick and Cory Jay are not only talented and knowledgeable but also very creative and innovative. They were of immense assistance in developing the house design, selection of materials, valve for money choices, and overall management of the project. As in any house construction project, there are hundreds of decision points along the way. Nick and Cory were always readily available to assist with problem solving and guiding us to the next steps in a timely manner. 
They are fully informed on the latest methods and technologies in home construction and able to explain in layman's terms the strengths and weaknesses of various products. The company staff and sub-trades were also excellent to work with both in terms of friendliness' and their attitude towards buying into the culture of quality and excellence. The project respected the allocated budget with exceptions occurring only with the full agreement of all parties. 
We wholeheartly recommend Craftsman Construction as superior home builders.

Our new home was built by Craftsman Construction; co-owner Cory Jay paid attention to every detail and ensured that all aspects were done to the best possible level in a cost-effective manner. He was well-informed about current best-practice construction methods and materials yet did not hesitate to carefully consider, research, and discuss alternative suggestions that were thrown at him by our architect and by us.
There are many examples of good problem-solving and architectural savvy that were made, sometimes when we were not available for consultation (during the 10-month primary construction period, we were on site only on 2 -3 days and totally out of reach during some weeks). Examples include: the placement of greatroom skylights was changed to improve light flow & balance; additional beams were placed to enhance scale and proportion in the greatroom; large plenums unexpectedly required by the HVAC supplier were architecturally integrated in an attractive way; larger windows were placed in the sunroom to enhance sightlines and light; exterior louvers on the multiple roof peaks were completely designed and built on site because Craftsman recognized that those available commercially would not enhance the building appearance.
Cory evaluated options in the context of the unique environmental circumstances of the building site and objectives, while being mindful of our budget. He showed good balanced judgement in seeking our approval or input when he felt it was appropriate to a decision. We saw many examples of good business ethics and respectful treatment of his team and sub-contractors, which were confirmed frequently by all involved. His follow-through on ensuring that we were happy with everything, and that everything was working as expected, was excellent. We believe that the end result is an outstanding building both structurally and aesthetically, that we are proud to own.

We hired Craftsman Construction Ltd. to built our new home the summer of 2014 and it was the best decision we have ever made. Nick & Cory Jay and their highly qualified team built us the home of our dreams. We felt very relaxed and at ease during the whole project and the team made our new build very enjoyable from start to finish. The though out ideas and unique recommendations that the Craftsman team gave us made our home more amazing then we could ever have imagined. The craftsmanship that the Craftsman team added to our home was second to none. Every detail of our home was planned out by Nick and Cory and their team with precision. The professionalism that we saw during the construction of our home was like no other. If you are looking for a reliable team to build you the home of your dreams and separate your home from all the others then Craftsman Construction is who you need.

Excellent, young professionals that really know the market and their clients. High end results with timeless details. Craftsman Construction homes are stylish today and will be in years to come. Attention to detail, expert advice on product selection, and fine craftsmanship make their houses feel like a home before you even move in! Helpful information is provided on today's most energy efficient heating systems, windows, insulation, etc prior to construction so you know what to expect when your energy bills start rolling in! They are always available for consultation when making selections for the home and providing feedback on choices passed on their experience. I would recommend Craftsman Construction to anyone who is looking for a well-built, quality home built to stand the test of time.

Craftsman Construction does excellent work. They are innovative, hard-working, and at the leading edge of new building construction and design. I recommend them without any reservation. I was extremely pleased with the work done by Craftsman Construction. The attention to detail is without comparison. They simply do incredible work.

Craftsman Construction recently built our new house and did an amazing job. Lots of great ideas, and beautiful work. We couldn't be happier!

We had a great experience building our house with Craftsman Construction. As a first-time home builder, we needed plenty of guidance and they were excellent at helping us through the process. They were interested in building an energy efficient house and helped us to make smart decisions. Their finish work is beyond comparison! They have great attention to detail and have great ideas. Our house was a real collaboration between our family and Craftsman Construction. As well, Nick and Cory have made themselves available to us anytime we've had a question or concern about something in the house....even 3 years later. We look forward to building with them again in the future.

I cannot say enough good things about Nick and his staff at Craftsman. When we met with Nick, we had a piece of paper with a sketch of our dream home. We had been dreaming of building this home for years and had many ideas of what we thought it should look like. Nick took this little drawing and made our dreams a reality. The house has far exceeded our vision. Nick is so personable and has a fantastic eye for detail. The great ideas and suggestions were a welcome surprise. The extra detail and time taken to make our home the best will make this house stand up to the test of time. We had heard great things about Craftsman houses but I think they may have taken their house crafting to a new level with our house!

My wife and I hired Craftsman Construction to build our new home after being through a number of their previous projects and seeing first hand the workmanship in a house that was under construction.
Nick and Cory Jay and their devoted employees build a quality product that is balanced, being both energy efficient and affordable. Their many years of experience and desire to be the best at what they do, have resulted in the build up of a large knowledge-base of products, techniques, quality subs and the potential problems that could arise. In addition, with a keen eye on design, color and aesthetics they are able to offer a well rounded product, helping the home owner get from digging the hole to that all important final finish and detail. Our thanks to Craftsman Construction for making a house plan our new home!

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